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NO-HEAT LidLess Rack System 3x 56qt Sterilite Large *No Tubs

NO-HEAT LidLess Rack System 3x 56qt Sterilite Large *No Tubs

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Want the most PROFESSIONAL and CAPABLE yet MINIMAL rack system that GETS THE JOB DONE?!?  Here it is...

  • Holds 3 Sterilite Model 1659 available on Walmart ONLINE ONLY *** TUBS ARE NOT INCLUDED*** The 54qt available in store has a handle point in the design that will not fit this rack.  Use ONLY the #1659 56qt!
  • SQUARE EDGE TUB MODEL to prevent gecko tails, etc. from being easily pinched as well as MOST insect species will stay in or OUT!!  


  • Designed after 30 years of cage/rack building experience in the reptile industry!
  • Made in USA with superior materials in a professional reptile production facility with the conscientious collector or breeder in mind. 
  • Stackable for the most height challenged to those fools that are working on ladders!
  • Hurricane's Boxed Back Joint for extra rigidity
  • Shipped disassembled for best economy
  • Lightweight Expanded PVC construction
  • Open style for the best light and air circulation 

NOT JUST FOR REPTILE USAGE! This model will work for many insects and other animals with proper ventilation and lighting taken in consideration.  THIS MODEL MAKES AN AMAZING parts storage system for larger items, plumbing and electrical supplies etc.   Nothing like having a parts drawer with GIANT bins!  

Other Products that we offer for this: Caster Base & Slide Out Table (S.O.T.)

You will need to source the correct Sterilite 1659 tub from Walmart ONLINE ONLY.  WE DO NOT INCLUDE TUBS to save you the most on freight and us from drowning in snap on lids!! 


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