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Hemigraphis repanda - Green

Hemigraphis repanda - Green

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Common Name: Green Hemigraphis

Family Name: Acanthaceae

Origin: South East Asia

Height: 6-12”

pH: 6.0-7.5

Care: Medium 

Light: Moderate to High

Propagation: Cut lateral runners and replant

Growth rate: Moderate

This is an emersed grown terrarium plant

Greeen Dragon's Tongue plant is a unique terrarium plant that is commonly seen in stores being sold as a true aquatic plant.  Beware, this plant is not fully aquatic and can only live submerged for extended periods before melting away.  This plant will thrive when grown emersed in a high humidity environment such as terrariums or paludariums.  The texture of the leaves are ruffled and wrinkly which provides an excellent contrast to other types of foliage.  

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